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Civil engineering

Civil engineering works are involved at all stages of SADE’s interventions. SADE uses all its expertise and techniques to undertake hydraulic and traditional civil engineering works.

Hydraulic civil engineering

Reservoirs et basins

Design and construction of new reservoirs whether underground or semi-underground are all challenges that SADE Bulgaria can meet with all its integrated expertise.

Pumping and lifting station

Drinking water lift stations, wastewater and rainwater lifting stations and pumping stations are all network associated facilities in which SADE Bulgaria specialises.

Wastewater treatment plant

For its municipal and private clients, SADE Bulgaria can design and build  wastewater treatement plants using different water and sludge treatment processes, and meeting their requirements in terms of treatment capacity  and  choice of process .


In addition to its expertise in tank lining and working with water-resistant concrete, SADE also specialises in sealing structures with geo-synthetic products or with the hydroclick® process. These solutions apply to landfill sites, basins, reservoirs and any other structure where isolation from the natural environment is made necessary as a protective precaution or because of regulations. They apply to both new works and those to be rehabilitated.


Traditional civil engineering

Deep inspection chambers

Some deep installations require inspection chambers for their operation or maintenance. With civil engineering know-how, SADE Bulgaria is well-placed to meet all types of requirements concerning inspection chambers: design studies, excavations, sheeting, well casing, equipment, etc.

Roads and utilities

Small urbain civil engineering, roadways, pavements, kerbs, paving, asphalting, road coatings – these are some of the areas where SADE Bulgaria is involved in repairs or new works

River consolidation works


SADE Bulgaria’s expertise covers the technique of using gabions or other element to prevent the erosion of river banks.

Sheet piles   

When soil conditions sometimes make certain works difficult to carry out, SADE then makes the site safe by installing sheet piling: shoring for pipe laying or ground support to undertake underground civil engineering work. 

Other civil works

SADE Bulgaria has the considerable expertise and techniques required to design and undertake all small civil works facilities such as bridge for pipeline crossing of obstacles, spillway and discharging facilities

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