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The design, construction and maintenance of water networks is SADE’s historic business activity. From its very beginning, SADE has been providing assistance to local authorities in the field of drinking water conveyance and distribution networks, to satisfy ever-increasing consumption and in the field of rainwater and wastewater networks.

SADE has very quickly extended its services to industrial clients for the supply of raw water and drinking water to their production sites.

Drinking water

Specialising particularly in the installation of large diameter pipes, SADE Bulgaria carries out the complete project, whether simple or complex.

Pipes and connections

SADE Bulgaria is able to lay pipes : 

  • of any diameters,
  • in all materials (cast iron, steel, ceramic, HDPE, PVC, composite materials (PRV etc.), reinforced or non-reinforced concrete, stainless)
  • in all environments: urban, rural and sensitive (factories, industrial complexes, confined spaces, difficult-to-access area)

For drinking water connections, SADE Bulgaria  can:

  • connect new users, including while networks are in service,
  • modernise connections with lead removal.

Drinking water related facilities

SADE Bulgaria can design and install all compoments components related to water distribution: Pumps, regulated valves, filters and all others devices to insure a safe and continuous water distribution.

With all its integrated expertise, SADE Bulgaria supports its customers in the construction and compliance of their drinking water production systems, essential tools for urban and economic development of the territories.


Sewerage systems

SADE Bulgaria undertakes the design, construction and reconditioning of hydraulic networks.
For its municipal and private clients, SADE Bulgaria has become specialised in tailor-made wastewater plants.

Pipes and connections

In the field of wastewater networks SADE Bulgaria constructs pipelines from any material (Concrete, cast iron, HDPE, PVC and GRP) and in any diameter. Though the projects executed in Bulgaria Sade has specialized their teams in the installation of big diameters pipes in high depth.

Wastewater treatment plant

For its municipal and private clients, SADE Bulgaria can design and build  wastewater treatement plants using different water and sludge treatment processes, and meeting their requirements in terms of treatment capacity  and  choice of process .

Our service provisions

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